Photo of Damon Warren painting on Venice's famous beachside Boardwalk - Art by Damon Warren Damon Warren
a local artist from Venice Beach, California and native of San Francisco
About the Artist

Damon Warren is a self taught artist who was born and raised in San Francisco. He found his passion for art early in life. He was always surrounded and inspired by many creative forces, from jazz and blues musicians and other local artists at Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39 and on the streets.

As a child he painted on whatever he could get his hands on, ranging from newspaper, scrap wood and even walls. He joined, "The Boys & Girls Club" in the Bay area and that was where he was first introduced to "Canvas!".

Damon says:" I was amazed that when I painted vibrant colors on the canvas, it became ALIVE! I believe in creativity and feel that I was born to create. It is a brilliant spark of life inside that defines me as an artist. We all have that spark inside of us!. I love to encourage and inspire everyone around me to discover their own talents and creativity. Look at my artwork with the knowledge, that on the surface there is a pretty picture and underneath there is a story. See the work and make it your own, because it already is!

Damon Warren's artwork is enjoyed and recognized throughout the world. Today Damon can sometimes be found painting on the world famous Venice Beach boardwalk.

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